The ideas is all around the world, and the talents is at all corners. 

When an idea sleep in your mind, forever it's only an idea.

If a talent not being discovered, forever he/she is just a nobody.

All the ideas and talent waste happened due to the lack of a platform. We strongly believe that a Troop is work better than a Hero. We're here to create a Platform for the ideas, and talents. We have our very own designed models, platform to help talents to achieve the entrepreneur dreams and execute the ideas that need a team to accomplished.

Instead of getting the funding everywhere, attending all types of seminar or coaching program to accomplished your entrepreneur dream, we implement the concept of "Shut Up, and Do it." At the moment of this posting, our current direction is to be the Corporate IT Partner for all kind of business. We need the talents from different field to fill up the team.

For Talents : You can be either an IT Programmer, Media Designer, Copywriter, IT Technical Enthusiasm, Finance or Accounting Expert, Sales Professional, or anyone that you think you might have some dream that need a team to help you to succeed , execute your dream, please feel free to submit to us your Brief Introduction of your entrepreneur plan, ideas, and etc. ( Formal Proposal is not required ).

For Everyone : If you don't have any ideas at the moment, but you might wanted to do "something" but not sure what the something would be, you might also welcome to get in touch with us. We can talk.

For Investor : You're rich and have some fund to invest, we welcome your investment. We'd be a good investment properties for you.

For Customers / Businesses : We're a Team with the talents, who use IT as a base and Tools, to unite all field of resources, to Help you in your business. We're your Corporate IT Partner at all time. Feel free to talk to our business analyst, consultant.